Monday, 5 September 2011

a sprinkling of gold 

As I write, it is the eve of a new school year. Bittersweet. Trying to squeeze every last drop of sunshine and of freedom from these last days!
 My small boy has been asking me to make him a golden crown for some time now, its been on my summer list of 'luxury tasks' I wanted to make time for. He chose all the colours and shapes/symbols and I worked from his simple drawing. He waited impatiently, I stitched while he slept and while he ran wild with the cousins long after seems to celebrate the elusive sun of an Irish summer  : )

I would've loved some golden thread to weave in here and there but alas, I was on the road with limited supplies though I did find copper in my small box of tricks. I worked with pure wool felt, next time I'd favour my own handmade felt... I keep seeing a sunset crown in my mind's eye : )
 I've been lucky enough to be around some other crafty mamas who've inspired a creativity different to the kind I've come from. Thanks to Liz and our school Craft Group, projects like this are an ease and a pleasure now where I totally shyed away from stitching before.

Speaking of the promise of gold, heres a silk we dyed with onion skins. Still fantasising about how I could use it as a panel in a nuno felted garment... maybe. It's subtle hues are lost in translation here. I've been told the colour shines through more beautifully when the silk is ironed, somehow the use of an iron just doesn't seem to be in my nature ; )

Another fun thing to be borne of this summer were a few sweet hogs. It all started when my lovely niece and I sat up late one night crafting pom poms (hers was gorgeous). Next day I thought 'what to do with a pom pom..?' hmmmn and wondered if I could needle felt wool into it. I'm constantly amazed with how wool wants to fuse with wool in all kinds of felting contexts. This works! 

Children seem to really fall for these little guys, their softly spiked and rounded bodies feel delightful in the hand. I was thinking it would be an ideal handwork project where wool is used for its therapuetic properties. And it makes a really warm toy. 
Amazed to find conkers on our local river walk when it's barely September, smallie filled his pockets and once home carefully left them for the hedgehogs to nibble on. I happened upon this scene on the living room rug : )

Autumn has indeed crept up on us this year. Welcome!


  1. have i read your stuff before?

    ... thank you for a yummy wander into your creative joyous world, and work, Mia... blessings on all you touch, all you do, all you dream .... so divine yet so human .. just right X

  2. Beautiful golden rays pouring from this. Oh how lovely Luka's crown is, And I know from first hand looking and feeling your work that your stitching is beautiful!!!!! Thanks for the mention my dear. I love how we all inspire each other, it always is that way for me, Its A collective dream in color and creativity constantly moving about. I have thought now of making a crown for my little new neighbor; ) such a gem she is to have around. These hedgehogs are 'simply' the cutest thing I have seen for a while. I think you may have stumbled on something really special there for making with your new classes.
    Its a pleasure to come visit here and see your art world and Mama creations. Beautiful xxx

  3. So lovely and warm, Mia; thank you for sharing... The crown is beautiful and the hedgehogs are fantastic! Might order some for Christmas! ;)
    Looking forward to more, hun! xxx

  4. Wow, your posts are always an inspiration Mia - they leave me almost breathless. Luka's crown is wonderful - so much softer and more tactile than the cardboard sort we used to make for our children. How photogenic he is too. I love the photo of Luka holding your onion skin dyed material - so clever to take the shot from behind. I can't wait to see what it metamorphoses into.
    The hedgehogs are adorable. I used to collect all sorts of hedgies but now only have a few left, but your pom pom creation is soft and fluffy and chilren will naturally love it/them. The Autumn scene is just adorable.

  5. What work! absolutely amazing..Thanks for sharing.Always brightens my day to read your blog.
    Best wishes
    Wizard woo.

  6. What a gorgeous crown! It's big and bright and really suits Luka...what stitching. Your photo's are really cool...i like the crown in the trees...such a pleasure to read your calming words after a crazy day...thanks Franci

  7. Oh, there's just so much to love about this post! The crown is so wonderful, really. I adore all the little stitch work you have done on it. And I love the golden color that came from the onion skins. Beautiful! And what a sweet little hedgehog. Thank you for sharing all of these lovelies!

  8. Such a sweet crown, and I'm amazed you got such a glorious color from onion skins. But I have to say, that little hedgehog is the highlight for me. You made him from a pom pom? Do you have a tutorial to share?

  9. Hi guys, thanks for your visits : ) This is one of the things that gives me such a kick about making things, to get this kind of response to a little ole hedgehog that got made without any plan or intention...maybe those are the purest creations!
    I don't have a tutorial for this right now Ellen, but if that happens I'll let you know for sure x M

  10. Perfect use of a pom pom if ever I saw one! The onion skins in the silk are perfect, I have done wool for hair with onion skins but never thought to do a silk; I will now. Also understand about the iron, my big girl asks why she only ever sees me ironing when I am sewing... it is a horrid necessity then the rest of the time crinkles will do.