Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Yarn Along

Happily joining Ginny and the gang over at small things for this week's Yarn Along.
I've never tackled a big project in crochet...made mostly small practical things. I would say that I'm ready for something finer. something wearable. for me.
And so it was that I began to make myself a cardie. Once I got the neckline done, I tried it on to double-check the tension and when I glanced in the mirror I saw a crochet collar.
I have for some time been wanting to make myself one of these curiousities. I love the vintage feel of such an accessory...timeless really. Hence, I've abandoned said cardie pattern for the moment. Going to have fun playing around with this idea for now. I made up the red border. I've also made up my mind to rip this part back and re-fashion the next row(s). Funny how plans change ; )
I'm loving this departure from wool.
The blue's pure cotton, the red's pure silk. (So friends, the latter's Debbie Bliss right, but what's not so blissful about it, is that it has that really over-spun feel and I continually have to straighten it out as I go...any ideas...? You can see the 'twisties' in my photo)

This is my busiest time of year work-wise so I'm not reading anything at the moment. Rumi still graces my bedside table though and I love to flick open a page now and then, it helps me remember to breathe : )
Look forward to seeing what you're up to and thanks so for all lovely comments on last weeks post. M


  1. Love the colors - they almost vibrate. Interesting about a yarn being overspun. I've been having a problem with knitting something in the round but just assumed it was me holding the yarn wrong because it gets awfully twisty.

  2. oh how gorgeous, i love red and blue together, and your crochet skills...oh my goodness. i'm looking forward to seeing your cardigan.
    i really don't like when yarn twists either, i've no idea how to undo it, lots of times noro does that for me.

  3. I hate when the yarn twists, and geneally give up and save the yarn for smaller projects so I don't have to continually untwist.
    The collar is looking very pretty, interested to see the changes you have in mind.

  4. Oh I LOVE that color combination! So happy & bright!

  5. Oh Mia, that will look stunning on you!, Cant wait to see it finished. Oh I am always starting things and then getting inspired for other things. Its all so creative that way. We should have a class on these, what do you reckon?