Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Yarn Along

Writing this on Valentines day, allow me to get carried away..?
I'm happily joining Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along.
I've been crocheting cords for these heart necklaces, trying them out before making them with the children at school, a simple project to introduce them to the notion of stuffing and sewing, we put lavender inside with the fleece, they love the smell : )
 I've also been looking at heart and flower patterns trying to find simple ones, to use for decorating hats and other accessories...more on this later.

I was looking in the library some weeks ago for a novel to get stuck into, knowing I had a couple of trips coming up. I loved Anne Tyler's 'Breathing Lessons', so thought I'd try another by her. This one is The Amateur Marriage. Always refreshing to read a candid portrait of a long-term relationship. Loving the recurring  image at the beginning of this book, of the striking young woman in the red coat in the otherwise grey world of the Polish quarter of Baltimore...

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to checking out your reads and your stitching : ) M


  1. Cute necklaces :) I love your first picture, it looks so happy and loving!

  2. Beautiful! I love the yarn lettering too! We have little lavender sachets hanging by our childrens beds- it's such a comforting smell. Felt is great to use with children, isn't it? I'll check out Anne Tyler- always on the lookout for reading recommendations! :)

  3. Hearts are so fun; yours look great! I used lavender in mine too.
    ang (peach coglo)

  4. mom bought me that book years ago and i have yet to read it...maybe it will be next on my list after a book i HAVE to read coming up. love the hearts, lovely kids project!


  5. These are wonderful! And I love the idea of a sprig of lavender tucked inside. I'm wondering if you could knit a cord instead of crochet it? Is it like the equivalent of knitting i-cord?

    1. Hi hurrayic, thanks for stopping by : ) Yes, absolutely you could knit the cord, an i-cord would be ideal OR for children, a knitting spool makes such a lovely cord. My students who don't yet crochet simply finger knit the cord.

  6. How completely adorable Mia. The charming yarn and felt love, so clever. I imagine your students love you.

  7. Very sweet; and such a beautiful Valentine's picture on top!