Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Antics

There are no less than nineteen of us gathered at my parents house over these few days...the entire family under one roof!
 Blessed by mild weather we have feasted and frolicked. And lucky for me there's been much creativity : ) in the great company of my nieces and nephews..

I was inspired by the children's eggs at kindergarten to colour these eggs with the smallies, using wet crepe paper. So simple and fun for even the smallest of hands.

But this year I have surely found my all-time favourite way of colouring eggs.
With onion skins : ) 
I've really enjoyed dyeing fleece and silk this way in this past. But doing this with the bigger children and the excitement and mystery of seeing the lovely results, really lit up my little world this Easter Sunday.

We gathered flowers and foliage from Nana & Papa's garden  and made little egg parcels to cook, using both white and red onion skins. Inspired by this tutorial over at Ulicam. I can certainly imagine this becoming an annual ritual now. The only shame was that I could not find any white eggs...on which the effect of both of these projects would have been far greater.

 I'm very in love with these little nature paintings : )

I will be back in a few days 
with more makings and doings from our stay ; )
I hope you've had a wonderful Eastertime x M


  1. Wow, those onion skin eggs are gorgeous! I've never seen the them done that way before.

  2. Mia, I can see why you are so inspired by those little nature paintings!! I LOVE them, and will definitely will "having a go"... I getting my bits and pieces together to make earth paints (with earth clay pigments) and have been expanding my thought into natural dye pgments..ooooh, the possibilities!! XX

    1. That sounds really exciting Emily...keep us posted! I'd love to hear how you get on with that. The more time goes on, the more I'm drawn to the natural palette and it's possibilities. Always lovely to have you stopping by, thanks xx

  3. love the onion skins effect mia, the eggs almost look wooden. simply gorgeous. i loved your egg babies in the previous post too.
    what a lucky girl you are to have all your family with you for easter. so lovely.

    (loving your photos very much).