Saturday, 21 July 2012

Postcards from Brittany

 We sailed home across the sea last night, and found ourselves finally pulled up outside our place today with a hilarious ( I mean it would really have been funny if we weren't so tired : ) amount of unpacking, washing and sorting to do after two weeks camping in France in all weathers.
Driving on the road home I just wanted to take the whole island of Ireland in an embrace. I am convinced we've got the greenest green of any land. Great to go away and great to come home right? ; ) 
If you've been following my blog awhile you might have spotted that as well as green, I'm very in love with the colour blue. The first place we stayed on our trip, the fishing village of Le Conquet seemed to share that passion. I never did find out whether there was a general concensus amongst it's villagers to paint most every shutter, window frame, door, railing and boat in varying shades of blue, or whether it was all a beautiful coincidence. Either way, it was a feast for the eyes as I pedalled through it on my trusty old bike.

Intricate lace curtains hung in most every window, the detail of which fascinated me.
And boy, do the French love their flowers.

These last four images are from other Breton areas we explored and everywhere the pride of place inspired us. 
More to come x M


  1. What a stunning place! I love how the blue of the front door contrasts with the stone walls.

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous photos! I would love to vacation in a town like this!

  3. Looking forward to seeing it through your eyes!!!!! Looks gorgeous Mia, it is surely nice to get back home after a big journey like that, what adventures ye all must have had, and wow the freedom of bringing your bike, and cycling about in beauty, Gosh Mia I bet it will bring all sorts of wonderful inspirational work from you. xx

  4. Wow, beautiful pictures. I love those stairs packed with flowers!
    I hope you're getting on top of your unpacking and washing; always my least favourite part of settling back in at home. Welcome back, and looking forward to more postcards. :)