Saturday, 17 December 2011

This Time

Truly hoping that this is my last couple of days of intense work before the Christmas break. Got some late orders that I need to fill. Ever grateful for the work, but so looking forward to slowing down, catching up with my siblings and their children. I have some fun handwork projects planned for the little ones : ) their handmade presents sit waiting to be finished or put together.
My head has been so full, with lesson plans, trying to meet orders...crochet projects, while trying not to think too much about the ever-increasing pile of laundry that waits, the piles of wool scattered around our living room and the Christmas cards written in my head and heart, but not actually making it onto paper ; ) It may well have to be new years cards this year, and how bad. Time to let go of certain things and focus on the fundamentals. 
We've been invited to a glam new years eve party this year...know what I really want to do? Sit by the fire and crochet.

 I am struck these days, reading through my favourite blogging-sister's words, how far we working moms tend to push ourselves. The deep need to do our creative work for many reasons, fulfilling our role as mothers, and domestic tasks that simply have to be done sooner or later ( later in my case ; ) ) and how to strike that balance.What a fine balance, one I've coped better with this year than last, one I hope to manage even better next year, for that I wish.

Have I said that pretty much my all-time favourite thing to make in felt (apart from grandmothers of course) are little gnomes? Wish I'd known to make more of these ones, at the fair there was more demand from mothers and teachers than I could meet!

The kindergarten needed a duck and duckling for their puppet play..

This is part of  our seasonal table in the handwork room. I set it up thinking it would bring something really elemental to the space, I realise now how important it is also for the teacher. While teaching or preparing for a class, I get a glimpse of it and it so helps me remember the magic of this time of year, and what an honour it is to be working in the world of the child. 

Thank you for reading, and every warm wish for the Christmas season. M


  1. Another beautiful post by a beautiful lady, inside and out. Jim concurs. The little lady I bought from you at the fair sits on the shelf and smiles as I walk by. I love the little papoose. Your words ring home and I too must get oranised, give up some of the things I try to do and concentrate on those I love to do. I went to the fair in Ennis today - they had some lovely crafts there, knitting, hand made decorations, cards and the huge knitted/crocheted blanket they are raffling for charity. I bought tickets.... Have a truly wonderful Christmas Mia - enjoy the time with your family and relax in the love.

  2. You are an amazing artist!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely message.

  3. Beautiful creations. I look forward to once again feel the peace to create with wool!

  4. Ah, that elusive balance! I was just writing about this myself a week? or so? ago... not sure now, life lately has been a blur of yarn and clicking needles. At the moment I'm finishing up a couple of local orders and desperately wish I was at the kitchen table crafting with my littles. I've definitely learned a bunch this holiday season about what works for me and what doesn't when it comes to filling that creative *need*.

    I'll wrap these last few things up this morning and then totally revel in happy holiday with my family over the next week. Work can wait. Hope yours is merry!