Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yarn Along

Great to be joining Ginny and the gang over at small things for this weeks Yarn Along. Last one of 2011, right?
 Many thanks for all your sweet comments on last week's post.
Hope you had a wonderful, warm time over Christmas. Hard to believe that the heart of it has passed for another year. Over the next few days I'll be posting favourite vignettes, makings and doings from mine : )

Since the weather's turned cold I've been craving a cosy neckwarmer. I was delighted to find this Cardiff Cowl pattern on Ravelry, it looked so wearable and do-able. But it threw me when I read the reviews, as they are very mixed indeed. The pattern seemed to confuse many. I consider myself at the intermediate stage with crochet, so it felt a bit daunting. Having completed it now here's what I think, it's rated Easy and I do think it's a deceptively easy pattern once you get going, but the pattern is poorly written and unclear in parts. I worked it out from looking at an image one of the reviewers had posted of her finished piece, once I saw that all the shells and other motifs simply lined up, mystery solved.
From my favourite local Yarn shop this Manos fairtrade Merino has become a firm favourite in our Woollygatherings. It falls outside my budget but is indescribably soft, and I needed something festive...the marbleized colourway is lost in translation here. And as these pieces are all for me to learn and experiment on, I couldn't resist adding my own edging. I've just worn it for the first time and did not want to take it off : ) I've just finished a second one now in different yarn, more on that in an upcoming post. Thinking what a lovely present this would make in two evenings work, if you knew someone well enough to know their colours. 

Still reflecting my way through The Four Temperaments which I wrote about previously here.

I look forward to seeing what y'all are up to this week. Thanks for visiting : ) M


  1. I love the blue and 'cranberry' colour together. I'm an intermediate at crochet also but I'd love to give this a try.

  2. Your cowl is gorgeous and I love the colour, stunning.

  3. Looks like you have a sweet matroshka mug of tea! The cowl turned out beautifully...and I love the turquoise lacey finish! All the yarns and wool and felt in that shop look very nice, yes a bit expensive, but that's what you have to pay for quality.

  4. The colors work well together - the blue somewhat vibrates with that red. Looks very nice with the color of your hair! You look beautiful in it. Does the pattern have a knitting variation? I know many Lion Brand patterns do.

  5. Wow, the cowl is beautiful and you put my two favorite colors together. I agree, the yarn is delicious.

  6. Such a beautiful picture of you in your new cowl, the colours are gorgeous. Well done for giving yourself a treat.

  7. mia this is stunning, i love the color combo and now want to make one just like it. i'm off to follow your links now, thank you.
    oh, and you are beautiful.

  8. Thank you all for visiting lassies and letting me know you were here : ) Emma, 'cranberry' is exactly the right name for this colour, cheers!
    Marfa, very observant, yes that is my favorite teacup!
    Ellen, I checked for a knitting variation and there doesn't seem to be one, but cowls are so fashionable right now I'm sure you'll find something somewhat similar on Ravelry.
    Lori, if you make one I'd love to see, and thank you, I was reluctant to post this photo what with the hair needing some attention, and the evidence of too many late nights with the family over Christmas haha!

  9. Oh what a lovely photo of you in your cowl. It's gorgeous and your late nights really don't show. I bought a new hairband yesterday to cover the growing grey and Jim's been calling me his 'Scarriff girl'! It does work though. Maybe I'll stick with it this time.