Saturday, 3 March 2012

  A Breather

It was the last weekend of my thirties(what..?) and with smallie in good hands with family, I took off for a couple of days to the lovely Galway, a city that is still new to me and one I am growing very fond of. I longed for some solitude.
 Doing something like this seems out of the question when you're a Mama I know! But is it...? I'd never allowed myself this before and though it was to be a break, I did needless to say have my survival pack with me ; )

I've often recalled how as children there were two words that my mother told us not to use. Hate. And Bored. 
Thanks Mom! Boredom is something I just don't understand, or ever experience. For I have quite the opposite problem ; )
At any one time I have about five different work projects on my mind. And those are just the ones that are alive to me then, that my fingers are itching to make and that are keeping me from sleep at night! Then there are the others...But I'm working on all that ; ) on focusing on one piece at a time and trying to let that be enough.
 Multi-tasking has become an integral part of our lives, no? But my nervous system and brain seem to have been designed for a far simpler life! I imagine it is this way for many. You know how hard it is to keep life simple these days. Hard. Though not impossible.
It is an ongoing challenge to strike that fine balance between work and life. As for me, my work is my life and I realise that what i always choose to do in my 'free time' is my work. Oh dear. Is there such a thing as an excess of enthusiasm..?!

 In Galway I walked and walked and soaked up the colour and vitality of the city with its buskers singing and playing out loud on the streets.
Heartwarming to see local businesses with hand-painted signs still out there.

 I'm really interested in the whole Yarn Bombing Movement, but I'd never witnessed any before. While away, I got together with an old friend from my schooldays who lectures at Galway University now. It was so fun to stumble upon this lamppost while checking out the Quad. Impossible not to smile at the mouse peeking out.(middle top of photo) I loved seeing some of what the students there have been up to.

With no need to drive, cook, or care what time it was I stitched and wrote, filling pages in my work journal with ideas and plans. Such a rich time : ) one I feel very grateful for.

The wonderful Bob Dylan said: 
He who is not busy being born is busy dying.

Too true my friends! Thank you for reading.
I'll be back here on Wednesday for Yarn Along x M


  1. Oh How sweet!!!! It does the heart and mind good to get away, and enrich a little further afield and for oneself and bring it all home in some radiant bundle. Not that you aren't always radiant Girl! Looks like you had a wonderful time, and to the town that has a piece of my heart too.
    Love it. xx

  2. mia i love this post. first it is so nice to see you, and how lovely you were able to get away. it is SO important, and the time is when you are a young mother.

    and the words you wrote about boredom and hate. i could have written these words too. growing up, it was my father that forbid us to use these words. but he didn't have to worry about me, i've never been bored a minute in my life and i'm afraid it's only gotten worse, trying to find the time to do all the things i love and even have yet to find out new things to love to add to the mix. so many things in this world. i have never been able to understand a person that gets bored.

    the yarnbombed tree is fantastic, i would have had to have a photo with it too!
    xxx lori