Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yarn Along
Deep sigh. I am writing on this, the first morning of the summer holidays : )
My students have all finished their handwork projects, beloved teachers have been hugged, flowers and cards have been given and received. Yesterday my small boy received his golden key and walked out the door of the kindergarten for the very last time. Bittersweet.
 Lots to take in.. and let go of. But mostly, lots to feel ever so grateful for.

And so I am happily joining Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along, and for a change I'm not dashing ; )
Having made all those handwork samples for school (phew!) I'm finally making something for us, for the home. A round cushion to brighten our couch, inspired by Lucy's pattern over at Attic 24. Only round cushion pads are not available in these parts, so I had to fashion one from a square. Which turned into quite a fluffy affair, being that I'd bought a feather-filled cushion and am a fledging in the use of a sewing machine. Suffice it to say to that I'm still coming across the odd feather floating around!

I just need to crochet both sides together now and I'll post next week. This was a project I promised myself I wouldn't buy ANY yarn for, but just work out of my scraps basket. Soooo, the colours have turned out a bit pretty, just a little bit too sweet somehow. I would go for more edgy colour combinations normally. But I think I can live with it and it will certainly bring some cheer into our living space.

Smallie finally got to bring home his 'Peter'. The rising class one children worked so lovingly on these felt puppets. One of their teachers proudly told me that the children used three different types of stitches in this project. Impressive and inspiring to me always, the teachers and the children.

 Hey, I just now realised that this month marks one year of my blog!
 I think that calls for a giveaway on next week's Yarn Along post, so stay tuned : )
Here is my very  first Yarn Along post a year ago. A beginner knitter very much aware of all I did not yet know, and working on the jumper you see my son wearing in the photo above. He has asked to wear it pretty much every day since I gave it to him. Makes my heart swell. 

Thank you for stopping by, as always x M


  1. Congratulations to your son for receiving his key and moving forward. So many exciting things waiting to happen in his life!
    I adore your pads and am really wishing I could get the hang of crocheting. I think the colors are great.
    I hope you enjoy your summer Mia and can relax a little.

  2. Yay to your son!! What a great achievement finishing kindergarten is. I love the cushions for your couch. So pretty!!

  3. wonderful bright cheery cushion!!! happy summer-ing!!!

  4. How beautifully colourful your crochet is! Will definitely brighten up the sofa! I think I need to make one of these, just because it looks so lovely!

  5. Your crochet is just beautiful, I love the colours! I really want to learn how to crochet, it's wonderful.
    Congratulations to your little one and have a wonderful Summer.

  6. Well done on the stash use!
    I love your colors!
    I keep telling myself that I should make an afghan or something with my stash, but I haven't made that happen yet. Maybe Lucy's pillows will be the answer for me too?

  7. That cushion looks amazing, so bright and cheery.

  8. ah mia, your words bring me to tears. each stage of growing up is a lesson in letting go, from kindergarten to high school graduation, it's the same. your boy is precious in his mama made jumper and golden key. and your cushion is so happy, i wonder if i still remember how to crochet?

  9. So many emotions on our last day of kindergarten...the ceremony is beautiful and soooo symbolic...I loved the quiet words of the teacher placing the key around the neck and seeing the sparkle in Killian's eye...taking it all in yet couldn't wait to open that door and "be" on the other side. Watching such a happy bunch of keyholders sit together in their first meal as Class 1, knowing they just acheived something great. Loved Sean wearing his key from the previous year. Beautiful memories..