Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Yarn Along

Lovely to be joining Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along.
These are a couple more handwork samples I made, to come up with a truly simple bag pattern for my class one kids, comprising pretty much everything they've so diligently learnt in this first to cast on, knit plain stitch, change colour, decrease, cast off and seam. That's a lot, right?

I always feel that making a simple little bag is a great project for children, it fulfils the beauty and purpose ideals, but also children of this age still love to gather, collect, bring, find and carry. Though I do feel that these bags should really be lined, being that coins and stones seem to be high on the 'cargo' list  for the lads ; ) We've run out of time this year but I'll make sure to work that part in to next year's lesson plans, great to develop their sewing and seaming skills too.

 I avoid projects that seem to go on forever for this age group, favouring instead smaller projects where children who need more time can make a smaller version if they like, and children who need less time can make a bigger/longer version. Getting the children to this stage is a lot of work and I have learnt sooo much in this new role, but when I look at and hold their work I am constantly impressed with their capabilities (a couple of finished ones below) And what a joy to see their pride and satisfaction when they finish and take their work home, I do feel honoured.

Loved seeing Ginny's daughter knitting away so carefully on her previous post : )
And how about you, what are you working on..? And if you have little ones in your life who knit/crochet, what do they like to make..? Love to hear.

Thanks so much for your visit x M


  1. What a wonderful project idea. Just the right size and challenging enough so that noone loses interest.

  2. I just love this idea. Can't wait to show it to my boys (who also seem to be very interested in picking up stones - or crystals as they call them).

  3. I am going to show my little knitter these. She is working on a chicken right now. This may inspire her to pick those needles up.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  4. I do always enjoy seeing the projects you do with the children. Mine actually only like to spool knit for now, but they are each working on a larger project at the moment. My youngest wants to spool knit a throw rug for his bedroom and my oldest is working on a mat. I can't seem to interest them in knitting as of yet as they think it is "too hard".

  5. Those are really cute :) I might make some with my daughter. The kids usually like to make scarves LOL

  6. hi mia! i love your newest project, these little purses are so charming. and really very satisfying to all that make them i imagine. i teach childrens knitting as well, and popular right now is a slouchy hat, basically a rectangle seamed and gathered at one end. your purses are wonderful for learning new skills. thank you for sharing!

  7. What wonderful projects you always come up with for the children.
    I'm storing them all away for when Kaya is old enough. Can't wait!!