Wednesday, 22 August 2012

One red polka dot dress

I'm in the mood for all things Retro these days...and small crochet projects that don't go on for ever!
I had fun making this cotton hanger, inspired by a pattern I found on Dottie angel's blog, lovely though I found the pattern confusing.
Now I want to make a colourful little collection of these for the few special things in my closet : )

And being that this is our last week of the summer holidays, let's talk dresses : ) I'd only ever made one before, a totally organic felted construction, you can see it here. But this one is my first humble foray into dressmaking.
I took a local class with the lovely Susanna Anker. And knowing I had a (big) mental block about learning how to use a sewing machine, I thought I'd better stick to a really simple pattern for a totally plain dress. And  use affordable, basic cotton fabric. The options available locally are very limited anyway!
 On account of being a little pear-shaped, the sizing was tricky. And despite the undeniable fact that said dress looked dire when I first tried it on (think shapeless grandmother's best) nothing could discourage me for I had sewed a dress!! And I had somehow, though crudely, managed the machine and with the tutor's help, followed the pattern.
And though I am not so clever about those things, I am able to make something not-so-great look much better. I love details and I love to transform things.
 Nothing that a little crocheted something here, and a length of ribbon there can't fix I thought. I also wanted to add a ruffle. So I got to work at home. 

I pulled in the waist with a new seam and added a couple of scraps of trim I had stashed.

I am going to wear this dress wherever, and whenever!
There is something truly special about wearing a homemade dress, some feeling of timelessness I guess.
 Just about special enough to throw all imperfections into the background, right? ; )

 Thanks to Ryan for these last few photos : )
Delighted to be joining Ginny and the lovely gang over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along.
Really appreciate all your kind feedback on last week's post and
thanks to you for reading today xM


  1. OMG, it is a great dress! I think you did a fantastic job and I think it looks just lovely on you! I would love to be able to sew my own clothes, but that is not a talent I have.

  2. Oh, my! I love the dress! I would wear it every day if it were mine.

  3. The dress is very pretty. It is just lovely. I just made my first skirt last week and it was very rewarding.

  4. great dress--and great fit!!! I dream of sewing well (I'm afraid it will stay a dream---I'm pretty hopeless, which doesn't keep me from trying!!!!) Your details personalize it so much. Love it!

  5. Beautiful dress! I love all the details, you really put some lovin' into that project.

  6. The dress looks brilliant, I can imagine you'll want to wear it all the time; and so you should!

  7. Fantastic- rather you than me: any sewing I do from now on will be strictly the free-range variety!!! The dress is beautiful, really lovely photo of you at the end- go girl!!!! :-)

  8. OMGD... Oh My God Dress: )

    You are such a talented lassie. Thats totally beautiful, and should be worn lots so others can share in your gift. I am so inspired Mia.
    Well done, and imagining lots more to come.
    xxx E

  9. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!