Wednesday, 29 August 2012

To school
Something small in my heart lurches at the thought of my small boy walking through the doors of the main school today to join class one!
 He's my only one and this is the very beginning of sitting behind a desk, the beginning of academic learning and so many other exciting new things that he is ready for. He has been such a dreamer, such a nature boy and his four years in kindergarten held him within that world. I keep remembering arriving at that little wooden gate to pick him up and so many times hearing 'Mommy!' and seeing him run towards me in his rainy, muddy waterproofs with holes worn in the knees.
But time and life move on with or without us right? So I'm taking that deep breath, I know how Life calls us up to let go of what has been, and embrace what is.
Early this month, feeling that tinge of sadness, I poured my love into sewing the few small things he needed to have for school.

I am still just getting the hang of using a sewing machine and when handed to me, the pattern for the crayon roll seemed baffling at a glance and I decided I'd need the help of a willing school Mama! As it turned out, I woke up one morning and just decided it needed to get done and I would begin it that day. I figured it out, it was actually not complicated at all, just took time and I gave the time to it. It ain't perfect, but it's Mama made and smallie chose the materials from a small stack of leftover stuff from school.

As a handwork teacher, I love that the children will learn to tie and untie bows when they use these. One more little skill mastered : )

Making it got us both excited about this new chapter in his life, helped me feel like I'm ready for the next adventure too : ) As I stitched away I pictured him reaching for his crayons when it was time to draw and colour in school and the stories the children will work from. Making something always helps, right?

Here is his hat. I made this some time ago but it only fits him now. It was the very first thing I made when a beginner knitter at our Woollygatherings. The pattern was for a plain slouch hat but I had to have some fun with it ; )

This was before I discovered circular needles, love them now. All made in DROPS yarn, the green is a wool alpaca mix and so lovely to work with.

I was kind of amazed by mattress stitch, once I got the hang of it.

Happily joining Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along.

Thank you for reading x M


  1. what a clever crayon carrier....nice sewing job (I'm a very basic sew-er; I'm impressed with the simpliest things, although this looks far (FAR) from simple!
    Great hats!!!

  2. Oh, you write so well about the changes you're facing. I hope that this new chapter is positive for you all.
    I haven't yet mastered mattress stitch - yours is so perfect!

  3. Such a cute hat. And a cute model! The crayon roll is so precious also.

  4. Wonderful Mia - the hat and crayon roll are lovely! I thought you get the crayons in school, though? I see, you are well equipped like usual! xxx

  5. Mia, how beautiful! I am sure everytime he opens that crayon roll he will think of you; what lovely memories you are creating for him. Hope you aren't too lonely when he goes back to school !!

  6. So wonderful! I love the crayon roll and the delightful hat. Love the photos!

  7. Lovely crayon the material and really love the name tag!

  8. You did such a lovely job on both the hat and the crayon roll! You can tell lots of love was poured into the making of them.

  9. love it! I am so happy to hear you have some personal support. So happy.