Tuesday, 25 September 2012

With Autumn in the air

It's been a while I know, I've missed writing and sharing here with ye!
Fiery orange leaves are appearing now, more every day... I have been watching and waiting. Probably my favourite season this one, I so love the symbolic nature of what's happening to the trees. The transformation, the new colours, the letting go and the laying bare. For there are big Life changes happening for me too these days. Challenging times, not easy but also full of promise, as change always is. 
There is much to do and take care of and I Thank God for the days when I wake up and feel like I'm able for it all, to work my way down through my 'to do' list with a vengeance, for not every day is a day like that ; )

We're up early these brisk mornings stirring porridge and making school lunches, and smallie is still very enamoured with his first real 
lunch box and totally enamoured with the story of Mr. Straight and Mr. Curved that they are hearing each day. I love listening to him in the car on the way home giving me the latest installment and telling me about that day's new colours they got for their crayon roll from one lovely new teacher. It is all so very exciting for him, fresh, new and sprinkled with glimpses of a whole new world opening up.

 The promise of being able to read enchants him. Exciting for me just to witness : ) I see how he was so ripe for the academic learning and is loving working in his main lesson book and 'busy bee book'. When I see that big ole schoolbag on his back as he wanders up the path towards me at pick-up time I see him so grown up, so capable and I know it's all perfect timing, life moving on exactly as it should.
And boy, we have been busy bees in the handwork room, getting everything set up for the term ahead and getting to know new students. I'm not quite past the feeling of overwhelm yet and look forward to feeling 'in the flow' of new curriculums and lessons.

I just felted this Lady Autumn for the seasonal table for Class One and crocheted a shawl for her, to keep the Autumn winds at bay : ) She is joined by a little acorn child. 
 Honestly, one of the things, if not the most heartfelt thing I grieved the loss of on leaving the kindergarten, was their daily forest walk, now reduced to weekly. A nature table in the classroom reflecting/celebrating the seasons, goes at least some way towards bringing it into their daily conciousness. 
It was good to set these up, then let them go, for already little drops of candle wax and a little settling of chalk dust have christened them ; )
I felt like she needed a brother so I'm just putting the finishing touches to Brother Autumn. He is bound for the seasonal table in the Handwork room, I'll share him with you next week.

Hope you and yours are settling back into good routines too. I'm happily joining with Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along.
Thanking you for your visit xM

P.S. I will be teaching a Needle Felting workshop at CELT Weekend in the Woods in Bealkelly Woods in East Clare on this Sept. 29th-30th if any of you locals feel like joining us under the trees to form wool into figures! I am so looking forward to this : ) I posted about a workshop I took at this event here


  1. You continue to amaze me with your creations...each one stunning, and so perfectly detailed. Thank you so much for sharing...and for bringing me down memory lane. It's been a while since the conversation after school around here has been about colours and crayons. Now it's math every day. Oh, how I miss the early years.

    1. Great to have you stopping by Natalie, and thanks for your kind words : )

  2. oh sweet mama, your words never fail to move me so. i remember those days well and sometimes, yearn to relive them. tho even at my childrens grown up ages i feel privileged to witness the world as they learn it still. it's something i didn't anticipate, but it's true, of course, i'm still learning!

    wish that i could fly over and join you under that tree, your lady autumn takes my breath away, she's stunning, perfect in every way. love your work and that you take the time to share here. xxxxx lori

    1. Always an honour to have you visit Lori : ) thanks so much, and I so enjoy following along with your big kids and their adventures, and love hearing about how the wonder never ends x

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