Wednesday, 5 October 2011


There is a little river walk that winds through our local village. We stop there sometimes on the way home from school, especially when I've had a harried morningtime or if smallie's restless in the car. Yesterday we ambled through there, and were enchanted by all the treasures lying in the grass and in the river...all in that one small place.

My son remarked how 'its a great year for conkers this year' and promptly started to fill a bag with the best. Indeed we stumbled upon loads of really big ones. When it was time to go and I was trying to round him up, he said 'I just need to say goodbye to the chestnut tree' wrapped his arms about the trusty trunk, gave a little kiss and a 'thanks for the conkers... see you next time' : )
 I keep thinking of this beautiful little children's verse we just sang at a parents morning at school
There is sunlight in your hair
See the colours grow golden

 That evening, inspired by Svenna over on Stitch and Purl, and with Michaelmas still in the air we thought we might make a conker dragon. It was a hasty, joint effort between the three of us at home before bedtime. Smallie loved using the awl to pierce, and was thrilled with his finished beast, who has been taken up mountain and down dale.

It jogged some fun memories for my partner about his wild boyhood, he reminisced about how as children, there was a big rush at this time of year with jaunts to their favourite chestnut tree, to search for the biggest hardest conker they could find. A length of baling twine was strung through it, knotted at the end and all hopes would ride with that conker, for much fame and glory followed the bearer of the prize-conker that would outlast all the others : ) There were tricks and theories about how to prolong them with soaking in vinegar or painting with clear varnish. He said those conkers burned holes in their pockets at school, with the anticipation of the next round of battle in the yard at lunchtime!
 He recalled playing 'helicopters' with sycamore keys, climbing the tree and letting them drop... and
'Truffing' apples from the nuns, a planned escapade with two or three of them in a gang for there had to be a 'look out'. And the others had to be fast on their feet when chased by the gardener, with handfuls of robbed apples gathered up in their shirts ; )

A generation later, children still love to play with such simple things as that which falls from the trees around us.


  1. So many lovely autumn treasures! Love your dragon too. :)
    I can't resist conkers either, they are just magical, aren't they.

  2. Beautiful heartfelt, Your smallie is a treasure of Autumn himself.

    Thanks for sharing your days Mia, and the gorgeous pictures of your wooly works, always warm my heart.
    xx E

  3. Wonderful creations and pictures. cheers Marie

  4. Beautiful Mia - Our table is filling up with conkers, I seem to miss out on autumn this year - thank you so much for sharing your days! xxx

  5. Mia, I love your knitting and felt work and your lovely photos. I had the good fortune to spend two months in Ireland back in 1990, and I know that you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! I loved Ireland dearly, miss it terribly and have a hundred or more photos to remember her by!