Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Yarn Along

Happy to be joining Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this weeks Yarn Along.
I'm motoring along with Captain Tank. Glad to be at the stage where I'm looking forward to getting stuck in with the garter stitch V-neckband and armhole borders. Also my first time doing buttonholes on a garment, so it'll be great to know how that works. It's getting chilly around here so this cosy alpaca vest should be right on time : )

I was intrigued when I read what Ginny had written about this book Simplicity Parenting. I finally just got a copy and am loving reading Kim John Payne's chapter on the child's environment. I totally jive with what he writes about toys, and what you allow to happen when you streamline a child's possessions. It reflects a lot of the Steiner approach and I can see it in action in my son's kindergarten. I reckon I simplify a lot in our own home, but this book is a wonderful reminder of the whys and hows of that process and is informing on a much deeper level.  Reading seems like such a luxury in my world though it really shouldn't be. I always seem to prioritise whatever projects I'm working on, during those precious windows of time when I can afford to sit with something awhile. But I do want to absorb this book... let you know how it goes ; )
I look forward to getting some knitting and reading inspiration from y'all. Thank you for stopping by and for lovely comments on the last round. M


  1. I love that you added the contrasting color to your vest, it looks wonderful. Don't worry about button holes, I think you'll find them very easy to do. xx

  2. I also love that book. That is awesome that your son's kindergarten is simplifying. That doesn't seem to happen too often in schools. I adore that mix of orange and green too-lovely.
    Angela (Peach Coglo)

  3. The vest is really coming along beautifully. I like the colorwork across the chest. That yarn looks so soft.

  4. beautiful knitting, so autumny and cozy.

  5. Just caught up with your sept blogs and all the work you've done...sooo love Luka's rainbow jumper...it looks so soft and comfy and the colors are beautiful. Where do you find the time?? I just spent three hours at craft group this morning sewing a small gingerbread xmas decoration and I'm not even finished yet!! Your work is stunning and very impressed with your photo's...your "smallie" holding his book is gorgeous. Thanks for another lovely read...Franci

  6. Oh, the vest is coming along so nicely!
    I have the book on my list after having heard so many good things about it, but unfortunately they don't have it in our libraries, so it'll have to wait..