Monday, 31 October 2011

Yarn Along

Happily joining Ginny and the gang over at Small Things for this weeks Yarn Along.
My thoughts have turned to crochet as I plan the next weeks handwork projects for class two. Having explored it I settled on bookmarks and envelopes. Knowing they need to learn to make a square, but yearning to move away from the traditional pot holder ; ) I remembered happening upon this tutorial. I've longtime been in love with handwritten letters and with envelopes... and the promise they hold. Never crocheted an envelope though!
I'm thinking these will make lovely holders for cherished photos, notes and other treasured items. Made from a simple square using only double crochet stitch, it sure was fun to make and is perfect for beginners. I practically had to tie myself to the chair to hold back from my natural desire to embellish. My mind was already away making a stamp from felt and embroidering it with tiny love details : ) Within the context of this work though, I need to keep it simple and pure somehow, so the emphasis now for these beginners is on the craft itself, on the flowing gesture, the one that works quite literally hand-in hand with the cursive handwriting they will simultaneously learn.

Lucky enough to get a loan of this book from one of our kindergarten teachers, Handwork and Handicrafts by Hedwig Hauck from indications by Rudolf  Steiner. It seems an old copy with its musty smell and pages that look like they've been plucked straight from the typewriter. Within those pages is recorded how Steiner spoke about the importance of a child's handwork having beauty and practical purpose. That feels right to me.
And I am learning. I feel the doors of my mind thrown open in a way that I have not felt for years now. 

And for that I am very.grateful.indeed : )


  1. I love that crochet envelope!! One of my oldest friends lives without internet and we are back to writing letters now - such a good idea for a Christmas gift!! Thank you..

  2. love this idea for Christmas! Thank you!

  3. How lovely! Both together would make for a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Only...I might knit these instead of crochet.

  4. just beautiful, lovely crochet and the intended purpose.

  5. Love the envelope idea! Could be really fun to gift something special inside too.

  6. The envelope is lovely, a wonderful idea for storing special photo's, especially if they are being gifted to a loved one.

  7. A crocheted envelope! How charming!